Jealous Salon - Mistreatment towards employees

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I was getting my hair done the one day @ Jealous Salon @38 .Allen St.

in Mechanicsburg PA 17055, and I had witnessed the owner yelling at her one and only employee. Mistreating her telling her she was worthless and calling her all types of untruthful names. It was very unprofessional and disrespectful. She threw her belongings outside and also grabbed her arm and pushed out of the salon.

I know that its a new salon so if she did that to her theres no saying that she wouldn't do it again to another employee in the future.This was my first and ONLY visit to this salon and I will pazss the word around to not go there or to inquire employment!!!!

Review about: Abused Employee.


Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #722225

you are the employee, and youre writing this?you probably deserved it, and there probably wasnt even a client there at the time.

shame on you for this review.:? :(


To say its none of your business what transpired....It's out of respect of the person who is being mistreated that someone acknowledge the situation and put an end to it. You would want someone to do that for you.

Duncannon, Pennsylvania, United States #674421

Actually I am the employee but really didn't want it out there but really don't care now

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #674154

How do you know the names the owner was calling the employee weren't true? Furthermore, it isn't any of your business, especially being you don't know what had transpired earlier.

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #682611

It doesn't matter if they were true or not. Its unprofessional to reprimand (or yell and scream) an employee in the presence of another soul. Not to mention assault by putting your hands on her.

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